3 comments on “Meditation – Benefits and Basics

  1. An excellent introduction.
    I would like to add 2 suggestions:
    1. In most large cities there are now “studios” for all kinds of eastern wellness practice including yoga & meditation. Sometimes these studios are nonprofits & sometimes they are businesses which charge per session and offer course packages. Most studios offer “community” sessions on certain days which are “suggested donation” meaning pay what you can or wish. In NYC, a collection of business studios called “MNDFL” offer really excellent classes for $10-$20 per session as the drop-in rate. It’s a good way to get esposure to different techniques available.
    2. Some studios offer “sound bath” meditation classes. One I attended was taught by a very skilled player of the Tibetan bowl bells. I am a very “sound-oriented” person so the tones and harmonics were almost hypnotizing for me. I felt like I was able to clear my mind and go deeper than before.

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